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Longevity research pioneer Tomorrowlabs redefines the boundaries between medical research and cosmetic application with HSF, an active ingredient technology based on Nobel Prize-winning insights into the cellular regeneration mechanism of our skin and hair. Discover the No.1 scientific skincare company for clinically tested products with visible results.


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Tomorrowlabs follows strict scientific best practices and collaborates with leading medical universities in an effort to formulate longevity skincare for the 21st century.

What our customers think.

"I’m absolutely thrilled. My skin actually looks younger and plumper and no longer feels stressed. I can say that the effect is completely convincing."
Manu G.
"This cream is very effective and brings visible results! In addition to significantly improving the appearance of expression lines, I have found that it has also helped reduce blemishes on my skin."
Anna D.
"My hair loss got reduced significantly. I now find much less hair in the brush than before. My hair generally feels much firmer and thicker."
Juliana J.
"My skin looks very healthy, vital and moisturized. The cream definitely regenerates the skin and I can tell a big difference when I don't use the cream."
Aline B.
"I have very sensitive skin that gets red easily and I've been looking a long time for a solution. I tolerate the product very well and it does its job reliably."
Marcus E.
"After only four weeks, I find that my hair looks stronger and healthier, and I no longer lose as much hair when combing."
Lucy Z.
"My wrinkles above my upper lip and next to my nose have noticeably reduced. It feels as if they have been filled up. Also, my skin feels softer."
Wilma T.
"Absolute favorite product. Cleanses the skin and gently removes makeup without drying out the skin. A must for everyone!"
Isabelle M.
"The texture is very pleasant and it absorbs quickly. I've been using it in the mornings and evenings for a while now and I can already see that my skin has become smoother."
Annette L.
"Immediately after application, my wrinkles became less visible. I look fresh and not so tired anymore and I am very happy with the product. No other cream was this good."
Lena G.
"After 4 weeks of use, my lashes are remarkably thicker. I absolutely love the lash serum!"
Katharina N.
"My wrinkles have decreased and my skin feels very soft and revitalized. Minimizing the wrinkles actually makes my face look younger."
Stefan G.

Technology with a Nobel Prize pedigree.

Decreased cellular regeneration is a cause of visible signs of aging of our skin and hair. Tomorrowlabs HSF aims to protect and restore the Nobel Prize winning regenerative mechanism in our cells to its youthful level. This leads to healthy and younger-looking skin and addresses the cause of hereditary hair loss by restoring nutrient supply to the hair follicle. In its studies on the effects of HSF, Tomorrowlabs collaborates with leading medical universities and experts on epigenetics and publishes the results in medical journals.

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Tomorrowlabs - Innovative skincare
Tomorrowlabs stands for uncompromising science and continuous learning. Driven by the belief that skincare needs to be science-based to be truly effective, Tomorrowlabs brings together products based on advanced medical research and in collaboration with the world's leading laboratories. We also work closely with university research institutions and medical professionals. Tomorrowlabs developed HSF based on its knowledge of cell regeneration with the Nobel Prize. HSF is clinically proven to counteract the signs of aging, sensitive and inflamed skin and thinning hair. Tomorrowlabs aims to activate cell function to maintain a youthful appearance - in line with our belief in the new research area of ​​longevity. Outstanding cell regeneration leads to visible signs of skin and hair aging. Tomorrowlabs HSF aims to protect the Nobel Prize-winning regeneration mechanism in our cells and restore it to its youthful levels. This results in healthy, younger-looking skin and tackles the root cause of hereditary hair loss by restoring nutrition to the hair follicles. Tomorrowlabs collaborates with leading medical universities and experts in epigenetics in its studies on the effects of HSF and publishes the results in medical journals. The presentation of Tomorrowlabs research results at medical congresses and subsequent publication in the scientific literature ensures that the results are verified by internationally renowned scientists.
Tomorrowlabs - Longevity (Anti Aging)
Tomorrowlabs' anti-aging facial care range accompanies you throughout the day! The Tomorrowlabs Lifting Elixir optimizes the skin's moisture supply and prepares it for subsequent care. In addition to the active ingredient HSF, its formula is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. The Boosting Serum from Tomorrowlabs strengthens your skin and prolongs the HSF effect. The Day Catalyst with hyaluronic acid, collagen, pomegranate extract and sun protection factor 15 is suitable for day care. The right counterpart is the Overnight Activator, which offers a particularly rich formula for stressed skin. Are you also looking for special care for your eye area? The Tomorrowlabs Eye Complex was specially developed for the sensitive eye area to make your skin look fresher and younger. The Tomorrow Labs care series is equally suitable for all skin types. Day Catalyst Facial Care is the perfect basis for comprehensive cell rejuvenation of the skin. It activates the cell's most important self-healing signal and effectively smoothes wrinkles. At the same time, the care provides intensive moisture, pampers the skin and protects it from harmful UV rays and other harmful environmental influences.
Tomorrowlabs - Hair products
Tomorrowlabs has been researching genetic hair loss for years. It is a problem that affects both men and women, often from a young age. Our goal was to find a scientific answer to this hereditary problem. We've succeeded with our Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration range, which is based on our patent-pending HSF technology. Healthy and perfect hair is of great importance to many people. When hair loss becomes an issue, the search for the right product usually begins. Tomorrowlabs HSF technology gets to the root of the problem. Because hereditary hair loss is usually the result of hormonally supported hair root atrophy. This is where Tomorrowlabs' innovative HSF active ingredient technology comes into play. It works directly at the root. The HSF Active Ingredients technology is supplemented by a proven combination of active ingredients. Both the Hair Restoration Liquid hair tonic with its liquid formulation and the Hair Restoration Foam as an easy-to-apply foam are suitable for men and women. Tomorrowlabs has also developed an innovative solution for eyelashes. The Eyelash Booster eyelash serum strengthens the supply of nutrients to the hair roots of your eyelashes.
Tomorrowlabs - HSF MED
Sensitive skin is prone to problems such as irritation, redness, pigmentation, age spots, excessive oiliness and acne caused by aging, environmental factors and improper care. HSF MED is a scientific range of products for particularly sensitive skin, developed with the help of skin experts. In 2019, the discoverers of the intracellular HIF regeneration signal were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The founders of Tomorrowlabs have relied on this medical knowledge to develop skincare innovations aimed at supporting the body's regeneration. Because the HSF active ingredient technology developed by Tomorrowlabs is intended to stimulate cells to activate their natural regeneration. Tomorrowlabs Anti-Aging Series contains HSF ingredient technology designed to allow the body's HIF regeneration signal to be restored. With increasing age, the cells' ability to heal themselves decreases. As a result, signs of skin aging appear. The HSF contained in Tomorrowlabs products addresses this point. HSF is designed to protect HIF from decay. The Tomorrowlabs range includes facial care, eyelash boosters and products that have been specially developed to combat hereditary hair loss. It combines HSF with additional active ingredient complexes and effective formulations that allow optimal penetration of the active ingredient. Tomorrowlabs products are vegan and contain no microplastics, mineral oil or PEG.
Tomorrowlabs founders
Tomorrowlabs founders Dr. Dominik Thor and Dr. Dominik Duscher shares a common fascination for the use of scientific findings from medical and pharmaceutical research in cosmetics. With Tomorrowlabs, the two researchers have founded a bio-tech company that is dedicated to the optimal effect of its products through a strict focus on scientifically proven technologies. Tomorrowlabs and its products stand for visible effects instead of empty promises and the manufacture of sustainable products in Austria and Germany according to Clean Beauty principles (without questionable ingredients that are harmful to the environment or health) and according to Longevity guidelines. dr Dominik Duscher studied medicine in Vienna before working for several years at Stanford University in California as a researcher in the fields of regenerative medicine, stem cell research and biomaterial sciences after studying at leading European universities in the USA. As a specialist in plastic surgery, he has studied the skin as our largest organ in terms of dysfunction and how skin problems such as wound healing disorders can be treated by influencing the communication between our cells. Research into the natural regeneration of our cells and the use of this knowledge in the context of new therapies plays an important role in medical research. Dr Dominik Thor studied pharmaceutical sciences in the USA with a specialization in pharmaceutical chemistry. As that part of pharmaceutical research that is considered the science of medicinal substances and medicinal products, pharmaceutical chemistry deals with the production of new active ingredients and medicinal products, but also with the use of new active ingredients in cosmetics (e.g. creams and serums) and the distinction between medicine and cosmetics. The pharmacist Thor and the plastic surgeon Duscher met after completing their studies in Austria and researched together how the optimal functionality of cellular signaling pathways, which control the regeneration of the skin and our hair, can be guaranteed. Her thesis is that only perfectly functioning cells can ensure the basis of beautiful, healthy and youthful-looking skin and full hair. However, if there is a loss of function of these smallest building blocks of our body, then visible quality losses are the result. The decisive factor here is the knowledge that the most important regeneration mechanisms in the cell are controlled via a signaling pathway. This discovery eventually led to the HIF signaling pathway receiving the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine. But Dr. Dominik Duscher and Dr. As early as 2015, Dominik Thor were looking for solutions on how this regeneration mechanism can be restored to a youthful state, even if the cell is older. The result of this research is the HSF technology and the creation of Tomorrowlabs as a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of particularly effective cosmetic products for skin and hair. Tomorrowlabs products based on the research of Duscher and Thor address signs of aging (anti-aging products), skin problems and sensitive, particularly sensitive skin as well as hereditary hair loss. Instead of the sole focus on active ingredients that are otherwise frequently used, which strictly speaking only have an auxiliary function in the regenerative work of the body, such as hyaluronic acid (retinol), vitamins C, A, E, collagen, Q10 and many others, HSF from Tomorrowlabs focuses on the Activation of the body's own regeneration. Together with leading universities in Germany, Austria and the USA and leading research institutes and the involvement of various teams of recognized researchers and doctors, Dr. Dominik Thor and Dr. As the founder and managing director of Tomorrowlabs, Dominik Duscher has conducted numerous in-vitro and clinical studies as part of the research and development of HSF products. The aim of the scientists was to optimize the scientific effectiveness of the Tomorrowlabs products, to document them objectively through leading researchers and also to communicate them. The studies have been published in scientific journals and won awards at medical congresses. As leading researchers in the field of longevity - a branch of regenerative medicine that deals with the extension of healthy life spans through prevention, lifestyle changes and therapies - Dr. Dominik Thor and Dr. Dominik Duscher as authors, lecturers and opinion leaders for the communication of the findings of scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic research. As a doctor, Dr. Dominik Duscher in Munich Germany's first longevity center.