Science for your skin - technology with Nobel Prize pedigree. Longevity technology HSF aims to activate cellular regeneration for healthy and younger-looking skin and hair.


0.1. Skincare backed by Nobel Prize-winning studies.

In 2019, scientists William G. Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the "Hypoxia Inducable Factor" (HIF). HIF is a protein naturally present within all our cells. It is responsible for the renewal of our tissue. The HIF signaling pathway enables healthy skin to heal itself and thus, preserve its youth. 

0.2 The master switch for cellular regeneration and longevity.

Age and stress trigger a biochemical change in HIF, causing cellular regeneration to come to a standstill. On the other hand, an upregulation in HIF activity triggers a release of cytokines or those small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of our immune system cells, blood cells and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). It improves blood and nutrient supply to the skin, protects dermal fibroblasts, improves skin quality, and counteracts the effects of chronological and photoaging. This results in the enhancement of dermal thickness, collagen density, tensile strength, and skin elasticity.

Results of the activation of HIF in the human body: 

Visible changes in the skin, such as improved skin thickness, collagen density, tensile strength, and skin elasticity
Cell-protective factors that contribute to tissue regeneration and cellular longevity.
Prevents chronological and UV-induced skin aging
Improving the integrity of the cell membrane and protection against free radicals
Improved nutrient supply of skin and hairs, causing that youthful look
Improved protection against infections

0.3. HSF – the “HIF Strengthening Factor”.

Inspired by HIF, Tomorrowlabs developed HSF (“HIF Strengthening Factor”). The HSF technology represents a new longevity research based concept of active ingredients. It aims to reactivate our body’s own regenerative capacity, letting it fight the visible signs of aging. In HIF our body possesses a powerful regenerative mechanism. It controls the creation of new tissue and the healing processes of our cells. Unfortunately, this regenerative mechanism decreases in potency as we age. Cells lose their ability to renew themselves. This is when visible signs of aging take center stage. 

0.4. Reversing visible signs of aging.

The solution? The revolutionary HSF active ingredient technology was designed to repair our cells' regenerative functionality in an innovative manner, protecting and restoring the vital mechanism responsible for healthy and younger-looking skin and the prevention of hereditary hair loss. As an example of a true longevity skincare technology, HSF aims to prevent the degradation of HIF by stopping the breakdown of this important signaling molecule. This brings cellular functionality back to a youthful level and enables the body to regenerate itself. We see it as the ideal way to reverse visible signs of aging.

0.5. Clinically proven results.

Clinical studies on Tomorrowlabs skincare products show a visible reduction of wrinkles and the restoration of a youthful skin structure. Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration products have been tested for their ability to restore nutrient supply to the follicle and tackle hereditary hair loss at its root.

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