The solution for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is prone to problems such as irritation, redness, pigment spots, age marks, excessive oiliness, and acne, due to aging, environmental factors, and incorrect care. HSF MED is a scientific product series for extra sensitive skin developed with the help of skin experts.
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0.1. A return to the scientific roots of Tomorrowlabs.

Awarded a Noble Prize in 2019, the discovery of the regeneration mechanism of our cells in the context of medical wound healing spurred the development of the HSF active ingredient. The concept is simple: by reactivating cellular regeneration with HSF, our body can counteract skin problems in a natural way. This regenerative concept is the basis for the HSF MED skincare line. It was developed for individuals with sensitive skin to protect the skin’s microbiome and its barrier.

The products of the HSF MED Series represent the return to the scientific roots of Tomorrowlabs. We are the first company to develop a skincare series that stimulates the cell signaling pathway to treat sensitive skin that is prone to issues.

0.2. Natural ingredients paired with HSF.

The HSF Med Series uses the combination of HSF technology with natural active ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness and skin tolerance. It also stands for an unconditional clean beauty approach. We avoided skin irritants, such as unnecessary colours, fragrances, and preservatives to specifically cater to demanding sensitive skin types.

Tomorrowlabs | HSF MED Series

0.3. Simple 3-step regime for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin makes it necessary to avoid aggressive and excessive cleaning and the use of irritating ingredients. Designed to be used twice a day, the routine consists of a short 3-step regimen:

  1. The Sensitive Face Wash for in-depth but gently cleansing.
  2. A special care product for your individual needs. You have the option to choose between the Redness Halt, Repair Stimulant, Impurity Control, or Mark Removal.
  3. The Hydragel Moisturizer for thorough hydration.
Dermatologically tested and formulated with synergistic active ingredients while avoiding irritating dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. The HSF MED skincare series offers visible results, high quality and adheres to clean beauty standards. Products loved by sensitive skin.