The scientific path to younger-looking skin, inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research.

Science has shown that, over time, our bodies lose their self-regenerating power. The important restoration processes that enable tissue renewal no longer occur as we age. However, if you manage to make this system more reactive, older skin cells will have the ability to release growth factors again and recruit stem cells for tissue renewal.
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0.1. Skincare helping your body rejuvenate itself.

The discovery of our cells’ most important regenerative signal was so significant that it was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The decline of natural HIF activity due to stress and age results in visible changes of our skin and hair. Tomorrowlabs has been thoroughly researching this context for years.

We often ask ourselves, “How can we counter visible signs of aging by activating our body’s natural healing structure?”.

0.2. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research.

The Tomorrowlabs Longevity Collection is based on the patent-pending HSF technology, which was developed under medical supervision in close collaboration with university research institutions. A dermatologically controlled split-face study showed visual rejuvenation, in the form of a significant reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, to the extent of 2.8 years after only 6 weeks.

One of our founders, Dr. Dominik Duscher, was part of the team of doctors in the USA who discovered how to increase the important regeneration mechanism of our skin, the HIF signaling pathway. It makes it possible to heal wounds faster and better. The skin repairs itself from within, which is a much more effective way of renewal than superficial approaches.
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0.3. Visible results thanks to cellular regeneration.

Based on HSF Technology, we developed a synergistic skincare line in which every product works together perfectly. The result is visible skin revival from the inside out. The Longevity Collection comprises both a daytime and nighttime routine for a more holistic approach to daily skincare.

Thanks to the reactivation of cellular regeneration via HSF, our body can effectively and naturally counteract dermal aging with visible results. Tomorrowlabs skincare preserves the important skin barrier and is suitable for all skin types. 

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