Lab Talk Expert Series: Physician and scientist Dr. Andrea Pagani from Bolzano, Italy

Lab Talk Expert Series: Physician and scientist Dr. Andrea Pagani from Bolzano, Italy

In our Lab Talk series on topics like health, skincare, and beauty Tomorrowlabs regularly invites experts and scientists from all around the world to provide insights into their daily work and the latest industry trends.

Today, we present Dr. Andrea Pagani, who is a plastic surgery resident and scientist.

Tomorrowlabs: Can you tell us a little more about your career as a doctor?

Andrea: I graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2018 at the University of Padua in Italy, a very active research institute where I first learned the importance of doing medical science. But it was later when I worked in Munich as part of the Plastic Surgery Research Group of Dr. Dominik Duscher, the co-founder of Tomorrowlabs, that I discovered my real passion for research. After completing my studies, I began my residency in plastic surgery working both in Germany and Italy. Alongside my daily work as a surgeon, I currently work as a researcher, write scientific articles and participate in international conferences.

Tomorrowlabs: What made you choose plastic surgery as your specialty?

Andrea: My interest in plastic surgery got sparked after attending a medical summer school in Manchester (UK) in 2016 and was further strengthened while working as a researcher in Munich. While conducting numerous research projects in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and surgery, I felt an unexpected interest in this fascinating field. Whenever I can apply a “scientific” skill learned as a researcher to my daily work as a plastic surgeon, I feel great satisfaction. I think this enthusiasm will never leave me.

Tomorrowlabs: Tomorrowlabs' HSF technology is inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of HIF. You wrote your doctoral thesis on HIF. Can you briefly explain what HIF is and what it does in our body?

Andrea: Our group was studying HIF even before it became the famous “Nobel Prize Molecule”. Doing research on HIF was a forward-looking choice of the head of our research group Dr. Dominik Duscher. Writing my doctoral thesis on HIF and its role in skin aging, got me deeply immersed in this fascinating topic. It was particularly gratifying when the very molecule I spent so much time on while doing research was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in 2019.

HIF is a transcription factor that responds to the decrease in oxygen levels of our tissues. When oxygen levels drop, our body responds by increasing HIF levels to restore homeostasis. With skin aging, our skin loses the capacity to restore HIF levels, losing inevitably its regenerative capacity and its youthful appearance. Hence, Tomorrowlabs developed an innovative technology named “HSF” able to restore the HIF levels of our skin. After HSF treatment, the local levels of HIF increase, and our skin regains the ability to regenerate, appearing younger, soft, and more elastic.

Tomorrowlabs: You know Tomorrowlabs products very well. What is your favorite product and why?

Andrea: Because of my background as a plastic surgery resident, my favorite product is the Scar Corrective, a silicone-based gel with HSF technology that improves the appearance of scars. The production of collagen induced by silicone and the regenerative effect induced by HSF makes this special product absolutely unique. A little reminder: if you store the product in the fridge, you achieve a cooling effect on the scar, which helps to reduce local inflammation. Simply brilliant.

Tomorrowlabs: What other tips do you have for anyone who wants to do something for healthy- and young-looking skin?

Andrea: In general, I always recommend a healthy lifestyle and high-quality skincare products. Daily consumption of alcohol, junk food, and smoking inevitably leads to premature aging. A healthy lifestyle in combination with the daily use of the right skincare can make a dramatic difference.  


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