Skincare trends you do not want to miss in 2022

Skincare trends you do not want to miss in 2022

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving and new skincare trends are continuously emerging. This year has already brought some exciting trends into our bathrooms: Especially skinimalism, science-driven skincare, and sustainability are the buzzwords in the skincare industry in 2022.
Keep reading to learn more about the most important trends of this year:



The ‘Skinimalism’ trend has already been there last year, but it will be even bigger in 2022. This trend is based on the "less is more" approach. It means reducing the number of products in your skincare routine down to the bare essentials. Skinimalism is a regime that is simple, easy to follow but still very effective. Multi-stage skincare with the use of too many products causes an excessive burden. Frequent cleansing and exfoliation disrupt the skin’s hydrolipid barrier (click here to learn more about the skin barrier). Too many active ingredients can harm the skin and make it hypersensitive and irritated. Additionally, using too many different products hinders you from building an effective skincare regime. Giving up unnecessary cosmetics makes daily skincare not just easier but most of the time even more effective. Focusing on the use of certain cosmetics for a longer time will allow active ingredients to act on your skin properly. In addition, by reducing the number of products in your skincare routine, you will reduce the risk of "rash" or other adverse skin reactions.
Skinimalism is based on four major skincare product categories:
  • Gentle face wash gel or foam,
  • Serum, containing active ingredients,
  • Moisturizing cream or gel,
  • Sun protection (sunscreen).

For your skinimalistic routine, we recommend Tomorrowlabs Sensitive Face Wash, Vitamin C Essence, and Hydragel Moisturizer.


Science-driven skincare

The incredible medical advances in the last decades have made us more and more aware of the power of science. Science-driven skincare has proven clinical performance. It brings together modern research with science-backed cosmetic products that work. At Tomorrowlabs - as a scientific skincare company - we believe in results instead of promises. Tomorrowlabs formulates its products based on advanced medical research and works in close cooperation with internationally leading laboratories, institutes, university research facilities, and medical experts. The use of science-driven skincare products ensures not only safety but also real results. 


Sunscreens and blue-light protection

The widespread emphasis on sun protection by doctors, pharmacists, and cosmetologists as one of the top skincare requirements will continue in 2022. Solar radiation is the main factor in photoaging. It destroys collagen and elastin fibers resulting in a loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. Excessive exposure to UV radiation also leads to hyperpigmentation and destruction of the skin barrier.
Experts now also focus on blue light protection. Blue (HEV) radiation is emitted by the sun and electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. It reaches the deep layers of the skin. Intensive exposure to those radiations causes skin damage and photoaging. Nowadays, the exposure to HEV is thus very high and continues to increase due to the development of digitization.
In 2022 you should therefore not only grab your regular sunscreen but should also look out for skincare products with active ingredients that block blue light and protect the skin when using HEV emitting devices.

In the past couple of months our R&D team put a lot of effort into developing an effective blue light serum, which will be released in the next weeks. Stay tuned! 


Clean beauty and sustainability

Clean beauty is still one of the most important trends in the skincare industry. It does not yet have an official definition. The key values ​​of clean beauty are safety, sustainable development, and ethics. Clean beauty refers to cosmetics and beauty products free from ingredients of questionable quality and potentially harmful to health and the environment, such as microplastics, mineral oils, PEGs, etc. Cosmetic products belonging to the clean beauty group are of the highest quality, devoid of ingredients with dubious impact on health and the environment.
Sustainability in skincare means considering social, economic, and environmental aspects during the cosmetics production process to assure an altogether positive outcome. The purpose of sustainable skincare is to produce cosmetics that do not harm people, animals, or the environment. It means reducing the use of plastics, having reusable and/or recyclable packaging, using non-toxic ingredients, and decreasing the carbon footprint throughout the whole production chain, from manufacturing to delivery. It ensures products safety and an eco-friendly approach.
At Tomorrowlabs we follow strict “clean beauty” and sustainability guidelines. We offer the best quality products that do not cause harm to our health or the environment.  Tomorrowlabs products are vegan, free of mineral oils, microplastics and PEGs. We have reduced the amount of packaging and we focus on using recyclable materials. We aim to replace plastic with glass at every opportunity.
As a sustainable company, we also want to give back. Tomorrowlabs is a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate that aims to support development, diversity, and climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries.

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