Lab Talk Expert Series: Hairstylist Khaled Hamid

Lab Talk Expert Series: Hairstylist Khaled Hamid

In our Lab Talk series on topics like health, skincare, and beauty Tomorrowlabs regularly invites experts and scientists from all around the world to provide insights into their daily work and the latest industry trends.

Today, we present Khaled Hamid, who is an award-winning hairstylist and  haircare expert in Vienna, Austria. 


Tomorrowlabs: Tell us why you decided to become a hair stylist and expert and what inspires you the most about your job.

Khaled: When I was 15 years old, I knew I wanted to work in fashion and beauty. While going for a walk I discovered a salon, where I did an internship shortly afterwards and then started my apprenticeship. Over time, my fascination with the craft grew and I realized that working with people requires not only technical precision but also sensitivity and the effort to perceive the individual's desires and circumstances, such as facial shape, body proportion and clothing style. Only in this way is it possible to advise people and design their hair according to their type.

Tomorrowlabs: What do you think is important for a healthy hair routine?

Khaled: For a healthy hair routine it is important to select the products based on their ingredients, suitable for your own hair. For example, fine hair needs proteins to gain more strength and must refrain from very oily products, as they can weigh down the hair.

Tomorrowlabs: How important is a healthy scalp for beautiful and healthy hair? What mistakes should be avoided?

Khaled: If your scalp is healthy, your hair has good reason to look healthy too. Therefore, you should make sure that the scalp is balanced. This works well with active ingredients such as glycerin and panthenol, which not only provide moisture but also store it. Avoid frequent use of SLS-containing shampoos (if they are not attenuated by other surfactants), as they dry out the scalp and thus promote overproduction of sebum. However, it must also be said that sebum production is also genetically determined! So if you naturally have an overproduction of sebum, then you will have to accept your shining hairline for better or worse. In case of underproduction (i. e. dry scalp), active substances in the form of a serum or a tincture will help.

Tomorrowlabs: We specialize in products against hair loss. Is this a topic that often accompanies you in your profession?

Khaled: Hair loss makes life difficult for many people. I always tell my customers and people in my Instagram community who are affected: You can do something about it! There are products and active ingredients that prolong the growth phase of the hair and thus delay the loss. It is important to start immediately with a serum or tincture! Tomorrowlabs is very well equipped with their products.

Tomorrowlabs: Which trends in haircare are currently particularly popular?

Khaled: Well-known trends are methods like the "Curly-Girl" method or the "CWC" method, which I personally like very much.
Some particular products are often very hyped but I always like to take a closer look at them.

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