Autumn is here: How to properly care for your skin in the new season!

Autumn is here: How to properly care for your skin in the new season!

Autumn has arrived. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. The summer wardrobe has been put away and warm sweaters and jackets have found their way back into our closets. However, not only our wardrobe but also our skincare routine should be adapted to the colder season as the change between dry heated air and the cold weather outside can affect our skin.

1. The right facial care

While we tend to use light textures during the summer, we should use richer products in the cold season. When temperatures drop below 10 degrees celsius, our skin has a hard time to protect itself, as the skin's own oily film can no longer spread on its own. 
In order not to stress and irritate the skin, you should not completely change your skincare routine from one day to the next. It is better to start by using just a richer night cream and only change over to day care after some days or a few weeks.
For facial cleansing, it's best to find a mild cleansing gel - like the Sensitive Face Wash from Tomorrowlabs - to avoid drying out the skin even more. Choosing the right water temperature also plays a big role in skin health. Lukewarm water is ideal. Water that is too hot strips the skin of its natural moisturizing oils and dries it out. 

By the way: Even in autumn and winter you should not forget to apply sun protection factor. Even in windy, snowy and rainy weather, sunlight penetrates through the cloudy sky and can damage your skin.

2. How to care for your body

Many people love to take a hot, extended bath on a cold day. As good as this is for our soul, it does damage the skin, because hot water dissolves fats from the top layer of skin, thus drying it out. You should therefore refrain from daily and overly hot bathing. When choosing bath additives, make sure that they contain nourishing ingredients and to switch to oil baths instead of bath salts or foams.

Don't forget to care for your skin with a rich body lotion every day, especially after a hot shower or bath!

3. Don’t forget your hands!

Our hands are especially stressed in the fall and winter. The skin on the hands has only few sebaceous glands and hardly any fatty tissue. The cold weather outside and the dry heating air inside also put a strain on our hands. The result is dry or even chapped and cracked hands. Taking proper care of your hands starts with washing them properly. As described above, hot water strips the skin of oil and moisture. Constant washing with soap damages the protective oil layer of the hands. But since bacteria lurk everywhere, especially during the cold season, you should not wash your hands less frequently, as bacteria can lead to inflammation if the skin is chapped. Therefore, it is best to use a pH-neutral soap and lukewarm water instead of hot water.
After every hand wash, you should apply a nourishing hand cream to your hands. The Protective Handbalm from Tomorrowlabs contains a combination of natural active ingredients from plants with antiviral and antiseptic properties. It strengthens and supports the skin barrier by preventing excessive evaporation of moisture and skin's own lipid structures.

4. Your lips need love too!

The skin of the lips is particularly thin and, unlike the rest of the human skin, has no sebaceous and sweat glands. As soon as it gets colder outside, many people suffer from dry, chapped lips. So use a nourishing lip balm several times a day. When it comes to the right ingredients, you should look for natural fats such as cocoa or shea butter. Avoid mineral oils, parafines, parabens, or alcohol in any case.

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